Friday, November 30, 2007

Better give than get

Pedophilia in seminary: priest arrested
Police arrested a priest in Brescia, Italy. He's Marco Baresi, assistant director of seminary in Brescia accused of pedophilia. Abuses on 14y.o. seminarist and possession of pedo-pornographic material. Bishop Monari and his assitant Beschi, was grieved "He's well known and esteemed. The tragedy of the victim of abuses can't be ignored, especially if they involve priests, but it's important to consider the delicacy of the situation of who is accused of this facts and is innocent.".

(Fonte: Epolis Milano)

I agree with Bishop Monari and, even if I report the news, I'd like to remember to wait investigation's results. This news remember me the case of Don Marco Dessi, the missionary sentenced in 24th May for the abuses against the orphans he should assist in Nicaragua. Here it is the comic strip in which I was bitterly ironic about his conviction.

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