Friday, November 23, 2007

Heidi with no pants

Turkish censorship also hit Heidi, Clara e Mrs. Seseman, her granny. This last and Mrs. Rottermayer wear a veil, while Heidi has a longer dress, because in the original version, in her raids on the mountain, she showed her pants. The decision aroused bitter controversy.

In the 100 books raccomended by the Culture Ministry in Ankara, there is Johanna Spyri's book, also became a success because of the japanese cartoon (which is now 30), but the drawings was modified.

The book published by the publishing house Karanfil aroused bitter controversy with who is afraid of an "Islamization" of education. The ministry clarified that it's an initiative of the publisher. "Heidi was a child with black hair and red cheek like tomatoes. She had a red blouse, a pink skirt and a big ass. When she ran down the mountain, the skirt rised up over her head and we can see her white pants. She is probably the first cartoon character who we saw the pants".

This is the description of Heidi in the turkish site about "cartoon of our chidlhood", as the spanish newspaper El Mundo says, underlining that now turkish cildren "will never see Heidi's pants anymore", at last not in the books raccomandd by the Ministry. As the president of teacher union Alaadin Dincer says, the ministry has also increased controls and "opened the path to scholar books distortion, as we can see in Heidi's case".

(Source: Tgcom)

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