Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Death becomes her

Six months ago I published this comic strip; I repropose it now, with the news which inspired it.

There is everything in this news: pedophilia, prostitution and also necrophilia. If you think this last one is a niche (or loculos) phenomenon, here it is a Google Trends graphics, which compare how much they talk on web about two or more terms; as you can see the difference is not so high. The graphics for Italy has a higher difference: we have to understand if it's because we don't speak too much about necrophilia or we speak to much about pedophilia.

Reggio Calabria, May, 23th 2007 - Two Romanian immigrant was arrested by police because they forced a woman and her 15 y.o. daughter to be prostitute. They are two 33 e 35 y.o. who live in town. The arrest was convalidated by the substitute attorney Francesco Mollace. The 40 y.o. womand and her 15 y.o. daughter was slaved and forced to be prostitute. M. A., 33 y.o., and M. S., 35 y.o., who lived in a hotel in Reggio Calabria, are now in jail. The first is also accused to have forced the 15 y.o. girl and hitted her. The story is also more perverse than the usual. The young girl was forced to have sex in three different coffins with two undertakers and other middle-aged men. The girl, hitted many times when she tried to rebel, was forced to have sex with men of different classes: doctors, lawyers, students, who paid even 300 euros to have sex with her. The woman and the girl will probably have a work now.

(Source: Il Giornale di Calabria)

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