Saturday, November 24, 2007


That child has lost everything, books and shoes
Don Giovanni D'Ercole - Priest, charitable institution Don Orione

The face of a woman struck by a murderous hand and a written: "if it were your mother, your sister or your daughter ... Expel the Roma. Immediately!" What more effective way of building people distrust, and why not hatred. This billboard advertising that has invaded the city of Rome, I thought when ruspe the Municipality have destroyed the barracks of a Romanian camp on the outskirts of Rome, near the place where he was killed by a Romanian woman. Indeed, it was after that dramatic episode that moved quickly across the government, the City and the press. Via the Romanians. I said that I thought the billboard were destroyed because among other shacks of poor families Romanian and honest. He came back from school a child that I know well and saw her jump to the air shed. He lost everything including school textbooks and shoes to play football in our team "ercolini". You should see the face of that child: it could be your son! It could be your house! His mother works well and so the father: honest fellow Europeans, but with 500 euros per month can afford only a shack. There are so honest Romanians and Romanians murderers. As in Italy and elsewhere in the world. It is difficult to reconcile legality and solidarity, but our experience has shown that only through dialogue and the commitment to safeguard the rule of law and to promote solidarity is the key to creating a future of peace. These children will be adults of Italy. What they say? What They learn from us? Let's sow the love to reap the peace.

(Source: Epolis Milano)

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