Monday, November 26, 2007

Educator under accusation

Educator for problem kids under accusation for pedophilia
Victims are two 12yo girls. One with srious mental illness.

A voluntary educator for problem kids. He's a 65yo ex-banker who voluntary worked in a school. A granpa with long handsm now under accusation for sexual abuses after the compliant of a 12yo girl.

"Anna", we call her this way, told to be touched by the old man, and also a school-pal of her, with serious mental illness. They also refer about indecent words told to another young boy. Everything started in 2005 with the compliant from Anna and her school which started an internal investigation. Anna's story was confirmed during the interrogation, when the girl told about the abuses. A more difficult experience for the other child who told about her and her hobbies, but was blocked when she had to talk about the man and what he did to her. The judge Vincenzo Tutinelli will decide if this will be a prove against the old man who denies any charge.
The sure thing is abuses in places like schools churches and gyms are on the increase. Every year we count about 100 new cases. Sometimes schools are useful to investigation, sometimes internal investigations demage police work.

(Source: Epolis Milano)

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