Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Child Porn

ROME, 8th November, 2008 - People who use pedopornography in Italy are tripled in four years, with an increment of 188% compared with 2004. That means Italy is in fifth place for pedophilia on Internet.

Italian organization "Telefono Arcobaleno" gave 37.263 warnings, 850 a week, 122 a day, with an increment of 21,56% compared with the last year.

Germany, USA, Russia, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, France, Japan, in other words the G8 countries - are the first eight countries who use child porn, about the three fourth of the world's exchanges.

The chart follows with Switzerland, Spain and Netherland. Telefono Arcobaleno says that "this market of horror has is focal point in Europe: over 90% of exploited children are european, 86% of child porn is in Europe, two third of clients are european".

The report is about sites with explicit contents about pedophilia and child porn.