Sunday, December 2, 2007

Picked on

"Professor, how is my daughter getting on?" And he put the pistol on the table
The father of a student after he entered the classroom and once came face to face with the professor, he pulled out a pistol from the pocket and has rests with nonchalance on the table

Florence, 29 November 2007 - The room is small. Here the professor receives alternately parents of pupils for talks on the educational achievement of children. It is the dad of a shaky performance by the student. The door closes behind the two. Expatriates face to face by unforeseen developments. It happens, in fact, that the teacher would not have ever imagined. The man spoke, and meanwhile slip the pistol from the pocket. He does it with nonchalance, as if, instead of a weapon, were a bunch of keys, a pen, a packet of cigarettes. Meanwhile talks, said yes, in short, that his daughter is not so bad, that the first professor picked her on, which he knows that the teacher home address.

What has the teacher tried in those interminable minute interview is not know. The fact is that without getting upset, the professor was able to finalize the meeting, as long as the parent has not decided about getting pistol into the pocket and go on.
"The episode has not shaken that much teacher, I told my deputy that the professor has confided" swears the headmaster of a school in the area of care. But it is inevitable that quell'insolita hours of receipt and quell'inusuale behavior of the parent, could not stay inside the business school.
This fact was reported to law enforcement agencies. And in the hours after the parent was searched at his home. At home they found two scacciacani. It ends here. The opening of an investigation and criminal proceedings are due acts.

It was one week ago Tuesday. Since then, and for another week, the girl was no longer seen at school, after them while the voices of a voluntary transfer to another school. Yesterday, however, the student has returned regularly in the classroom. "Although the professor is not the reason was particularly shaken the headmaster insists he still considered appropriate that what happened was brought to the attention of investigators. In the coming days about this event will be held a meeting of all teachers.


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