Tuesday, December 4, 2007


He kissed on the lips a 12yo girl: it's abuse, says the judge
Sentenced for sexual abuse a 53yo egyptian, a barman. The man defended himself: «My face slipped out on her face».

A kiss «planted», with closed lips, can be sexual abuse. One years' imprisonment if the «kisser» is a middle-aged barman and the kissed is a 12yo customer who is buying candies. It was 24th april of the last year when Elise, we'll call her his way, gone out shocked from the bar managed by the egyptian man. «It's a sudden and occasional fact - judge Giuseppe Gennari wrote - which has demaged the personal and sexual freedom» of the girl.

(Source: Epolis Milano)


Anonymous said...

i wish i were the barman

Anonymous said...

me too except my exchange my lips for cock, please..thnx :D

Anonymous said...

...and i were not arrested, of course

Anonymous said...

thanks god I'm not living in the United states...gosh! I hate the USA.....I can do what I please in my country even kissing a girl with no consequences.