Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Safe Streets

Pedophile caught half-naked with four children in car

Carpenedolo (Brescia), 4th october 2009 - It happens in Carpenedolo, near Brescia, where on 4 October, the Traffic Police in Montichiari spoke shortly after 17 to check a Fiat Punto parked at a rest area, reported by some passers who had heard cries coming from the vehicle. The police found a 57 years old farmer with his pants down, masturbating in front of four Moroccan children of 5, 7, 11 and 12 years old, two pairs of sisters, cousins to each other, frightened and in tears. The man, a neighbor of one of them, had lured them into a park near a mall, offering them a ride by car to take her back home. Medical examinations were then established that the four would not have suffered abuse and physical violence. Man, who seemed not to have leaks from the first resisted and even sketched out any kind of apology about what was happening, but was then challenged also resisting a public officer, in addition to the crimes of kidnapping, indecent exposure in public places and sexual acts against children.
During the raid at his house they have been seized videotapes containing child pornography. The man, with no criminal record and married with a grown up daughter, after confirming custody on 8 October, remains in solitary confinement in the home district of Canton Mombello (a regime which for him is a guarantee of safety from a unwritten law that treats pedophiles as infamous). In the meantime, the defense has asked for a psychiatric evaluation. "If child abuse is a deviant I wish someone would tell us - said the lawyer Marino Colosio - whether my client knew what he was doing and still is aware of his condition and his actions."

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