Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ogre father in jail

Sexual abuse of baby daughter. Ogre father in jail
In trouble even his mother who was blackmailing her husband but continues to live next to the child

TURIN, 3 November 2009 - Several days ago a man was sentenced to 5 years and 4 months by a court in Turin to have made sexual acts against the daughter when she was born just three months before. After the verdict, the accused still at large, had returned to live with the child and his partner, but yesterday was arrested.
The man, who lives in Anzio in the province of Rome, was taken in custody by agents of the Criminal Section of Turin. The protective order was signed to prevent the risk of recurrence of crime. In the meantime, also the mother of the small was under investigation on charges of sexual violence in the competition omission.

The wiretaps have enabled us to discover that she was aware of the abuses committed by the husband and therefore was blackmailing the man: "Do as I say, or I'll sue you." The man, who today is 70 years old and his wife 47, are the parents of little, born in 2003 (when the family lived in Turin and Daddy Ogre was 66) and sexually abused by their father began three months later. The man used to get completely naked in bed, next to the baby. Then he reached into the small diaper and caressed her intimate parts. Other times, rubbing his sexual organ against the child's diaper, procuring redness and vaginal bleeding. One day the mother of the newborn became aware of the presence of a pubic hair in her daughter's diapers, believing that the problem was linked to the brand of diapers, he decided to buy another brand.

But the pubic hair did not disappear. The woman still did not suspect anything, then a few days later, returned home, she discovered her husband busy rubbing his penis against the child's diaper. The woman was silent to observe, but from that point on he began to blackmail him.
All the facts that emerged during the wiretaps ordered by the court: "Look, if I run the shit you do end up in jail there," "The other year in November I exploded," Fortunately she was small and does not remember anything" "I very detached from his father, but I know not to lay off due to leave them alone."

Phrases that leave no doubt that the mother knew and kept silent. Indeed, the mother knew and blackmailed her husband. That's why, now, is finished in trouble too. Too bad, though, that she continues to live with her daughter. It will be the Court of Rome (since the family moved in the meantime, a town in Lazio) make a decision, after the arrest of his father, this paradoxical situation.

(Source: cronacaqui.it)

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