Saturday, November 7, 2009

News Review

Sentenced to two years the father ogre
RIMINI, 06/11/2009 - He was sentenced to two years the 40 years old worker from Rimini guilty of having abused not once but several times of her younger daughter, who at the time was only 4. The child, who is now 6, confessed everything to his mother, who also have a two-years younger daughter with the man and was warned by her parents. She had understood that her daughter says she was invited by his father to pick up the penis, to fondle and kiss him. Little had gone even further in detail, explaining that on one occasion she had refused, saying clearly that was shit. In vain, during the trial that followed, the man tried to explain that it was a misunderstanding. The challenge is to understand whether the child's mother will even start practice to ask the Juvenile Court to remove the man the paternal authority.

Raped her daughter-in-law and 5yo grandson: arrested the ogre
ARIANO IRPINO, 05/11/2009 - A young mother of 25 years suffered the abuses of the father-in-law, a 65 years old farmer who lived with her in a dilapidated and badly kept cottage, for 9 years, since he was still a minor. She had always been silent, perhaps because the ogre had always threatened, but his attention in the recent past have also targeted his 5 years old daughter and in July she reported everything to the agents of the Commissioner of Police Tricolle. A terrific story, which has aroused the police official who completed surveys and then translated into prison the man in prison.

Abusing 12 years old daughter of his common-law wife. In handcuffs.
VARESE, 05/11/2009 - It seemed like another love story between two South Americans, but the reality was quite different. Months of suffering, from April to now passed in silence until the dramatic revelation occurred a few days ago, the sexual abuses confessed by the woman's daughter, a girl of just 12 years old and made by the partner of the woman. The ogre, a 40 years old South American, was taken in by some fellow near Milan, but was soon caught.

Fake photographer lured minors
ROME, 06/11/2009 - He waited for them out of the school "Parini", where he was well known by all students, and lured them with the promise of free photo book and an easy climb to the world of fashion. The 42-year old, actually a school bus driver, leading to his house - without pressure or threats - girls aged 11 to 13 years ready to do anything for a photo on a glossy magazine, portraying them as a group or alone, half-naked or in lingerie on bed in provocative poses, then catalog them in his private archive. In many cases were the same girls to bring home the "costumes". Indicated by a 13 year old perhaps jealous, during a normal drugs control in local schools he took the complaint at large for child pornography.

Abused his daughter for 10 years
CASTELNOVO MONTI, 06/11/2009 - Has forced her daughter of only 11 years old to suffer and perform sexual acts, has tied his other son to a bed with chains, striking him with his belt. Subjected the wife to constant harassment and death threats. An entire family of a country of our Appenino suffered in silence for almost 10 years the violence of a man who called himself "father" or "husband". For a mother and her two sons, who have lived in fear, now the nightmare is over. The police have arrested a 53 years old worker. The charges against him weigh like rocks: sexual violence against the minor child, abuse in the family, private violence.

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