Friday, October 24, 2008

The Death of the journalism

After a long time of inactivity (I will come back with new comics soon) today I let to speak a visitor of my blog who write me about a news published here one years ago. It seems the facts reported was not exactly, or however they was mangled. It's not a newelty in the journalism nowadays: it's not my duty to make all clear, but it's fair to listen another point of view.
I also masked the names reported in the newspaper article: I think this will not steal anything to intent to report what happens around us.

You can read the original comment in the italian version of the post. I translate it here:

hi, I don't know where to begin from, they talk about my family. my mother is a prostitute from years, a life. For 4 years she prostitute herself with my sister; one year ago on the newspaper they said she was 15, but she was 17. it was not the first time in Reggio Calabria, and unfortunately the boy was not the first to go in jail, they was in France too where other boys went in jail because of them, I can send you the newspaper from Marsille.... it was the same story, I live in Italy as a nurse, I an not in contact with them, I am not able to stop them, they search for men... and that rascals goes in jail. I called her when I read the newspaper, and she told me she was not in a coffin, she was in an office with coffins all around, and she was there, not my 15yo sister. I am sorry because people read the newspaper and become sad, I am sorry to be born in this family, I am sorry for that boy's family who pay for my mother's whole life mistakes, she was always been like this, my father suffered because of her... if you want I have proof of this, I want to talk with a journalist, I can demonstrate with proof... I am worn-out, believe me! Veruska, thanks to have understrand me. I can answer to questions or show proof in any moment if you are interested in it.

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