Monday, October 27, 2008

One God

UDINE - A priest and an Imam, professional men and studetns, workers and white-collars: the police says there is "a quite full cross-section of italian society" in the investigation about pedopornography; 98 people investigated, 118 computers and a lot of material seized.

The operation has been called "I West". Investigated people are between 26 and 59 years old and "are of all ranks" police chief Romeo Tuliozzi says. "There are also ministers of catholic and musulman religion". Impressive the numbers about the material seized: a lot of pc, 168 hard disk, 3.634 cd, 678 dvd, 579 videotapes and 49 pendrivers.

The investigation started 'monitoring' an internet site, where you have to pay 98 dollars to access to, and which advertize pedopornography material only. The server was in USA, while the society was in Minsk (Belarus). Contacts with U.S. Immigration Department and Internet Crimes Departmente in Minsk help to defeat the 'gang'.

In Belarus, they seized four million dollars earned with online purchases of illegal material.

In Italy, police arrested a town clerk and a worker.
In the last week police search their houses and an office where they seized a computer. Then, they arrested them.

Operation "I West" follows another one which bring other two people in jail: a shop assistant and a worker. The second one had about 50 CD and DVD and thousand illegal pictures. Both of them denies the charges.


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