Friday, April 3, 2009

The Love Train

Abused at 8 years old and forced to abuse a 5 years old boy

The man was framed by the abused 10yo boy forced to abuse another 5yo child. «A logic and clear tale» says the police chief Francesco Messina who, with great embarassement (he's a dad too), explaining a story he never wanted to tell. It's a story of human insanity which involved two young children and put in jail a 42yo workman from Equador who worked like a gardener in community for difficult children. The child was 8 when everything happened. A smart boy from a family with problems. He has no father and the mother had problems with drugs in the past: now she has a work. The child frequented a religious community and became fond of Shiki Tankamash, 42 years old, workman in a factory in Arese (near Milan) who lives in Rosate. «a sort of father figure» tell vice-quaestor Alessandra Simone. Availing himself of the opportunity, the man acted a three steps plan. «Firstly, he took him to see some fishes - explains the head of police - then he started to touch him. He invited him at home saying there was his nephew and he could play with him. Finally, he abused him, threaten him to say nothing to his mother». He didn't stop here: «You have to make the same things we make with your 5 y.o. little friend». A risk he paid dearly. The younger boy told to his mother who was frightened and contacted the mother of the older one. Together, they went in the community and involed the religious men. The child (10 y.o. nowadays) was interrogated two times with a psychologist and told a story which framed the monster. Particulars confirmed by his 5yo friend. The head of police gave another significant information: «94 per cent of the abuses take place in the own houses, the others on the street.»


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