Sunday, April 5, 2009

From mother to child

When you think to have reached rock bottom, start to dig.

Arrested a 61 y.o. retired and two 38 and 39 y.o. cousins
The victims, 6 and 7 y.o., has already been taken from their families

Abuses on his lovers' daughters
Three arrests near Matera (Italy)

MATERA, 2d april 2009 - Another astonishing case of sexual abuse on children. The victimsa are two little girls of six and seven years old, in a situation of decay and neglicence. The police in Policoro (Italy) has arrested today a retired 61 years old man and two 38 and 29 y.o. women, cousins to each other. The man, who lives together of one of the women, had a relationship with the other too, and he sexually abuses of both of their daughters. The women was in agreement with that and they threaten the children to say nothing. Moreover, the little girls was forced to attend while adults have sex.

LThe investigation was started becaues of the report put in a claim by the social services, when the little girls were taken from their families in the last year spring. The arrests was ordered by the judge in Matera: the man is in jail, while the women are in house arrest.


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