Saturday, May 9, 2009

Children no more

It will arrive in Piacenza, Italy, in Farnese Palace, 8th and 9th may 2009, the exibition "Children no more - pencils against minor abuses", born with the intent to 
to awaken public opinion to one of the worst problems of our society: minor abuses, in any form and place in the world, perpetrate with practices like domestic violence, pedophilia, minor work and prostitution, sex tourism, mass media psychological manipulation, child soldiers, civil victims of war.

Exibition curators and Karibu Onlus really believe that comics and illustrations are fascinating and evocative means of communication — not just for play — perfectly able to spread universal messages in the collective immaginary for a target from child to elderly people, using an original language, different from usual stereotypy. 

140 italian artists, from professionl ones to young beginners, all with undoubted talent, answer to selection. Here are some significant ones:

Giuseppe Palumbo, Giuseppe Manunta, Francesca Ghermandi, Leo Ortolani, Maurizio Ribichini, Onofrio Catacchio, Alberto Corradi, Antonio Bruno, Alberto Ponticelli, Alessio Spataro, Massimo Giacon, Claudio Parentela, Ottokin, Stefano Piccoli, Squaz, Ratigher, Nicoz, Gianluca Costantini, Claudio Stassi, Paolo Parisi, Elena Rapa, Emiliano Mammucari, Falcinelli & Poggi, Mauro Cicarè, Genea, MP5, Luisa Montalto, Maicol & Mirco, Hurricane Ivan, Lele Corvi, Luca Genovese, Maurizio Rosenzweig, Matteo Cremona, Paolo Di Orazio, Roberto Mangosi, Rocco Lombardi, Stefano Misesti, Sergio Algozzino, Thomas Bires, Sergio Ponchione, Miguel Angel Martin, Aleksandar Zograf, Peter Kuper, Max Andersson, Mike Diana, Trevor Brown, Ivan Brun, Eric Drooker, Mac McGill, Jennifer Camper, Ryan Inzana, Daniel Silvestre da Silva, Rafael Gouveia, Line Hoven.

Children No More took already place here:
3/15 june 2008: Galleria SpazioGiovani — Bari
16/19 september 2008: Biennale d'Arte Contemporanea Rocco Dicillo — Triggiano (BA)
22/23 november 2008: Meeting del Volontariato c/o Fiera del Levante — Bari
29 november/10 december 2008: Museo del Territorio — Alberobello (BA)

Official Blog:

Free entrance
Piacenza, Farnese Palace 9-10 may 2009
Hours: 10.00 — 12.00 e 15.00 — 18.00
Opening friday 8 may h. 17.00


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