Sunday, January 25, 2009


Bitter controversy for the song "Robin", included in the last album of the 74 years old italian singer Gino Paoli, famous for songs like "A tast of salt". The song talks about a 70 years old pedophile who dies in the arms of a little girl while he is abusing of her. The caress of the child seems an act of mercy which shocked the public opinion.


She has the eyes like a robin
she was an eleven years old woman
she lifted up the skirt to jump over the ditch
she was dressed in red.

While she was crossing that garden
she met a 70 years old child
he still wanted to seize everything
and he didn't know what's good and what's bad

and he catch her with spite
she found her legs up
he was searching what to do
there was fear and there was pain.

And the pain took him in the heart
like it happens with the first love
and so she takes him in her arms
with the small hands caressed his face
then he fallen asleep to rest forever
like a child tired to play.

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